Welcome to ISS’ Beyond the classroom

At the International School of Stuttgart we understand the importance of providing flexible care options for families who need assistance before and after school. Our program offers various options to accommodate the individual needs of each family. Children will benefit from a curriculum that extends their learning beyond the classroom, engaging in fun activities designed to help them expend energy and stimulate their minds. Our goal is to support both children and parents by creating a safe, enriching environment for continued growth and development. Additionally, some of our programs are available to children who are not students at our school. Families can tailor their specific needs of childcare through the following programs:

Degerloch School Hours

EY3 & EY4EY5 – G5G6 – G12

08:10 – 14:50 *

Tuesday08:10 – 14:50 *08:10-15:00*08:10-15:30
Wednesday08:10- 14:3008:10-14:3008:10-14:30
Thursday 08:10 – 14:50 *08:10-15:00*08:10-15:30
Friday08:10 – 14:50 *08:10-15:00*08:10-15:30

Sindelfingen School Hours

EY3 & EY4EY5 – G5G6 – G12
Monday08:10 – 15:3008:10-15:3008:10-15:30
Tuesday08:10 – 15:3008:10-15:3008:10-15:30
Wednesday08:10- 12:30*08:10-12:30*08:10-14:30
Thursday 08:10 – 15:3008:10-15:3008:10-15:30
Friday08:10 – 15:3008:10-15:3008:10-15:30