Childcare Clubs

Childcare: Sindelfingen & Degerloch Campuses

Childcare Clubs are our additional childcare service that is tailored to every family’s personal needs and schedules. They are available during all standard calendar days during hours outside of the school day. This flexible service is open to all families with children from Early Years 3-Grade 5 and is designed to fit with your needs outside of the school day.

Childcare Clubs feature reliable, supervised, open ended opportunities for creativity and play. Afternoons will serve to ensure your child is prepared to come home ready to spend quality time as a family, as we balance opportunities for homework completion as well as much needed, developmentally appropriate play, snacks and recreation time.

We are here to ensure that all students have reliable and safe care every afternoon. Childcare Clubs can be combined with all Afterschool Sports and Activities Programs and on-campus Sportverein activities, so your child is under our staff’s careful, caring supervision from the time their class ends to when you come to pick them up.

Childcare Clubs Degerloch

Childcare Club at Degerloch is available in three schedules, starting with our Early Birds Club at 7:30 and ending with the afternoon care from the end of the school day until 17:30.

For Early Birds Club the drop-off point will be in the Lower School gym, and they will have a wide range of supervised gym activities until they are brought to class for the start of the day.

The afternoon will take place in the Lower School and pick up will happen from the main entry space at 16:15 (schedule 2) and 17:30 (schedule 3). You are welcome to pick your child up earlier, but the fee structure does not change due to early pick up.

ChildCare Clubs Sindelfingen

Childcare Club s available in two schedules. A schedule will cover the end of the school day until 16:15 and from 16:15 to 17:30, including Wednesday’s early release. All prices have been adjusted to maintain consistency each week. 

FlexCare Fun Days

Flex Fun Days are individually bookable days of additional childcare during school closures and early release days throughout the year. You can book a single day or all days of a school closure as you need. Registration will be on a first come, serve basis, and open to all families in EY3-Grade 5 on both campuses, though all care will take place on the Degerloch Campus. As with the daily child care clubs, ,these days will feature extended day long opportunities for supervised open ended creativity and play.


Registration is available on your portal and remains open until noon the day prior to the care.

February 12 – 16: February Break Care
March 4: Professional Development Care
April 2 – 5: Spring Break Care
May 10: Bridge Day Care
May 29: Graduation – Early Dismissal
May 31: Bridge Day Care
June 28: Last Day of School-Early Dismissal

 *Early Dismissal does not require pre-booking; care is available until 17:30 on a drop in basis.

Mica Geer
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What is the difference between Childcare Clubs, Flex Fun Days & Summer Camp?

Childcare Clubs

  • Three schedules of booking during regular school days

  • Book by day to ensure daily childcare until 17:30

  • Designed to fit with all ASAP and SV activities for seamless coverage

  • Booking per term-no double billing!
  • Reserved for ISS Students

Flex Fun Days

  • Full day childcare on school closures 
  • Early release care
  • Recreational curriculum with themed fun in the familiar school environment
  • Individual days bookable until noon the day before
  • Book only as much care as you need!
  • Reserved for ISS Students

Summer Camp

  • Full day childcare programming

  • Bookable by week

  • Fun themes and excursions during the summer holidays 

  • Registration opens in Spring

  • Open to non-ISS students

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ChildCare Clubs cost?


Schedule 1: Early Birds (Degerloch Only)

Monday through Friday- 60 euro per individual day booked for the semester.

For example: Booking only Mondays would cost 60-euro for the semester and booking all five days of the week would cost 300-euro for the semester.

Schedule 2: End of the School Day until 16:15

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday-175-euro per individual day for the semester

For example: Booking only Mondays would cost 175-euro for the semester, booking only Mondays and Tuesdays would cost 350-euro for the semester.

            Wednesdays-250-euro for the semester


Schedule 3: 16:15-17:30

            Monday through Friday: 175-euro per individual day for the semester


*Overlap of ASAP conclusion and Childcare Club will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to ensure seamless coverage

            Schedule 2: End of the School Day until 16:15

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 100-euro per individual day for the semester

For example: Booking only Mondays would cost 100-euro for the semester, booking only Mondays and Tuesdays would cost 200-euro for the semester.

                        Wednesday: 550-euro for the semester (this is due to the longer hours)


            Schedule 3: 16:15 to 17:30

                        Monday-Friday: 175-euro per individual day for the semester 

How do I pay for Childcare Clubs?

You will receive an invoice for your Childcare Club selections. If you opt for drop-in services, an invoice will be generated in the beginning of the month following use.

Where does Childcare Club take place?


Early Years children utilize classroom KGb as a home base, though activities may take place outdoors as well. If the group moves, their location will be announced via sign.

Grades 1-5 are in 5b as a home base, though activities may take place outdoors or in additional locations. Location changes will be announced via sign i.e. if we are doing a specialty activity and are in the cafeteria.



The group uses the foyer and library as a home base. Children may be in the vault, outside, or in the performance space but staff is available to grant families building access if the group is not in the front.

How do I collect my child?


 Entry to the building will be available at 16:15 and 17:30. If you are looking to collect your child before that time and the gate is closed, you can ring the doorbell and staff will grant you access.


 Staff will grant you access to the building upon your arrival. Children using the end of school to 16:15 schedule only, will be prepared to leave campus. If your child is in an ASAP ending at 16:30, siblings waiting in Childcare Club will be cared for without needing to be booked into the second session at no additional fee for those overlapping minutes.

What about early dismissals?

Early dismissal care is bookable through our Flex Fun Days program. Unlike full day Flex Fun Days, early dismissal care takes place on the two campuses respectively for your convenience. Sindelfingen’s standard early dismissal on Wednesdays is treated like a standard school day and is bookable for the semester online.

What is the procedure if my child attends an ASAP or on-campus SV?

ASAP Term 2 begins in February so if an ASAP is booked for a day, then a credit of 85% of the fee is made and the Childcare Club ends with the first ASAP. For example: Childcare Club fee = €100, the returned amount is €85. The remaining amount is for the days used until ASAP starts. No need to cancel, cross/check with ASASP will be done by school to ensure your afternoon is seamless.  

What if my child has a sibling in the Upper School?


 Siblings of Upper School students will have supervised play after school until the Upper School releases and enough time is allowed for older siblings to come over to pick up siblings. This is free of charge and allows for either one pick up time for all your children or for an older sibling to pick up a Lower School child.


Upper School siblings who may be waiting on campus for younger siblings in Childcare Club must clarify with Mr. Jackson about their use of the library while waiting. This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.