A Cause for compassion

We actively inspire, challenge and support students and each other to positively impact our dynamic and interconnected world.

From the School Director, Mr Tim Kelley

Here at ISS, we respect who we are not just where we are from. World events have always affected various members of our community directly, given we are from everywhere. As such, it is important to remember that as we address recent concerns, we must listen to one another to help understand and cope with an ever-changing world. To quote Conrad Hughes a fellow educator in Geneva, “Wars create fear, anxiety, distress but also scapegoating, bullying and ostracism. It is our first duty as educators to know our students, where they come from and the extent to which they might be affected by the conflict in question.”

We encourage families to speak about such matters at home remembering that it is ok to say “I don’t know.” The best thing we can all do is to reflect on the relative privilege we have living where we do, in a community that supports and guides a positive outlook. As such ISS remains committed to being a place where we support and inspire one another to believe in a world that values education and peaceful global collaboration.

ISS Compassion Fund

The ISS Foerderverein has developed a new central fund at ISS called: The Compassion Fund. All donations through events or private contributions will be directed to a particular local agency selected by the school. Our ISS Community is also organizing a series of events to raise awareness and money to support what we call the ISS Promote Peace Fund.

“take a strong stance to demonstrate the values necessary to create ‘a better and more peaceful world”

Pechersk School International, Kiev